Diet for men Stomach slimming / Weight loss 24,200yen (Tax included)

Our slimming course features a variety of services.
We provide counseling services to find and propose the best way to achieve your goals.

Cellulite Burn

Remove uneven cellulite with special equipment

By massaging while suctioning the stubborn cellulite, you can have a tight body line.

Fat Burn (weight loss)

Includes the eight-type exercise programbased on sports-medicine!

Applying pads on 20 acupuncture and muscle points will help tighten your body while burning up energy by stimulating acupuncture points.

Million Wave

Getting you to easily burn fat!

Treatment with 100 million microwaves per second will loosen tightly packed subcutaneous fat while warming the core of your body.

Standard of unwanted hair removal Electric Hair Removal Beard / Chest & Stomach /
Legs / Arms 60min 24,200yen (Tax included)

We speedily remove each hair one-by-one either on the entire body or part of the body such as facial hair, beard, hair on the chest, legs, or back.
The individual hairs are carefully removed one by one, making this hair removal treatment more accurate than others.
Hairs to be removed or kept can be specified precisely by the client, making this treatment especially appropriate for facial hair removal.
Leave post-hair removal skin care to us.
Both domestic and international hair removal specialists who are qualified in hair shaping and trimming aim to give you clean skin.

Facial care for men Acne / Acne scars / Double chin 15,400yen (Tax included)~

Our Facial Care Course features a variety of services.
Through counseling, we cater to each customer's wishes and requests to propose the most appropriate method.


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