• What is the quality of a Five Star Salon?
Diet Significant
  • Weight loss
  • Losing belly fat
Tightening up
  • Train your muscles, take up the slack
Facial / Hair Removal
  • Facial hair removal 
Chest, Stomach hair removal
Leg/Arm hair removal

Special Deals

  • The Wedding Aesthetic Course for men that starts 3 months before the big day Free counseling

Information about Dandy house

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Face? Body? Foot? Or maybe stomach?

What's New Previous news

Adoption of patented technology (*) which can simultaneously release low, mid and high frequencies between 10,000 and 250,000 hertz
The new treatment that "trains the facial muscles"- Facial Fitness
Available in all Miss Paris group salons from January 1st, 2017 (Sun)
The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House
“We Have Become the Official Match Sponsor for the Sunwolves
Competing in the World's Top League, "Super Rugby!"
Aiming at Expansion in All Directions as a Comprehensive Beauty and Trading Company
Miss Paris Group Making Its Debut into the Hairdressing Industry
The Men's Aesthetic Salon Dandy House 'Machida store'
Friday, July 15th Grand Opening!!
First Japanese Award Recipient
Miss Paris Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akemi Shimomura
Receipt of the IPSN 'Honorary Award (IPSN Award of Honor)'
The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House 'Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall store'
Friday June 24th Grand Opening!!
The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House
Splendid Collaboration with Ginza Mitsukoshi
"The Ginza Gentlemen" Project!!
The New Standard of Gentlemen is About to be Born Here…
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House Urawa Parco Salon
Grand Opening on April 29th (Friday)!!
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House Granduo Tachikawa Salon
Grand Opening on April 27th (Wednesday)!!
Dandy House was featured in GISELe MEN!
Dandy House was featured!
Dandy House appeared in MADURO!
Dandy House is going to be featured!

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