• What is the quality of a Five Star Salon?
Diet Significant
  • Weight loss
  • Losing belly fat
Tightening up
  • Train your muscles, take up the slack
Facial / Hair Removal
  • Facial hair removal 
Chest, Stomach hair removal
Leg/Arm hair removal

Special Deals

  • The Wedding Aesthetic Course for men that starts 3 months before the big day Free counseling

Information about Dandy house

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Face? Body? Foot? Or maybe stomach?

What's New Previous news

WASPA Grand Opening Press Conference Held!
Norika Fujiwara was appointed as WASPA BEAUTY Ambassador
2015 Miss International
Winner is Edymar Martinez of Venezuela!
Specializing in men’s weight loss “Diet Center by Dandy House”
On November 6, 2015 (Fri) a second store opened in Ginza, Tokyo!
Dandy House's weight loss know-how accumulated over 30 years × Exercise x Nutrition
You can eat, it’s easy, and it doesn’t take much time!
Winner of Miss International Japan 2016 is Jyunna Yamagata!!
She will represent Japan in the World Conference next year
Japan's largest salon has now opened in Ginza!
 "Esthetic Miss Paris" and "Esthetics for Men - Dandy House"Ginza Store
Pre-Opened on September 26th (Sat)!
Grand Opening on October 1st (Thursday)!!
A new business created by Dandy House, "Esthetics x Gym Combination Salon"!
Specializing in men’s weight-loss
[Diet Center by Dandy House] Grand Opening
Revitalized Flavor! Carefully “Steam Fried”
“Gourmet Diet Delicious Meals”are on Sale!
‐Perfect for when you are feeling hungry! A low-calorie, filling risotto!‐
New Service from Miss Paris Group“Intelligence Diet”
A short intensive easy diet course once a week in one hour for one month! The last diet in your life!?
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House’s First Store in Taiwan 
"Beauty Spa Dandy House Pacific Sogo Dunhua Store"
Grand Opening on Friday, April 24th, 2015
“Beauty Spa Dandy House Pacific SOGO Dunhua Store was featured in media! Round 2!
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House “Nanba Parks Store”
Grand Opening on April 17th !
Beauty Spa Dandy House Pacific SOGO Dunhua Store was featured in media!

Ladies, please apply from the following site. If you want to obtain a qualification as beautician or esthetician, click here
  • Miss Paris Diet Center
  • Miss Paris School Corporation Miss Paris Beauty School Miss Paris School Corporation Miss Paris Esthetics School