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Diet Significant
  • Weight loss
  • Losing belly fat
Tightening up
  • Train your muscles, take up the slack
Facial / Hair Removal
  • Facial hair removal 
Chest, Stomach hair removal
Leg/Arm hair removal

Special Deals

  • The Wedding Aesthetic Course for men that starts 3 months before the big day Free counseling

Information about Dandy house

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Face? Body? Foot? Or maybe stomach?

What's New Previous news

Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House Aeon Mall Okayama Store
December 5th (Fri.) Grand Opening!
"Miss International 2014"
Miss Puerto Rico, Valerie Hernández Matías was crowned the winner!
Dandy House is cheering for Japan in the 2014 Suzuki Major League Baseball Japan All Stars Series!
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House Osaka Hilton Plaza Store
November 7th (Fri) Grand Opening!
Esthetics for Men - Dandy HouseShinjuku Head Salon
Grand opening at a New Location on Wednesday, October
JETDAISUKE, famouse Japanese “You Tuber” tried Triple Burn Slimming !!!
Dandy House is on Teiban Times
Grand Opening “Beauty Spa Dandy House” at Marui Kinshicho Store
Dandy House × YASEKOKO
Men’s Beauty Spa Dandy House is on TV!
“2014 Miss International Beauty Pageant” to be held on November 11th
Takuya Kimura from SMAP as Dandy House brand image is now renewed!
Beauty Spa Dandy House Nagoya Sakae will be aired on TV!
Miss Paris cosmetics “SC FL Emulsion”
Awarded the Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award for three consecutive years
Estheticians from Miss Paris Group won a prize at the 4th Esthetic Competition
5/10/2014 (Sat)
Grand-Opening of “Beauty Spa Dandy House” at
Ongoing Department Store in Shanghai on May 10!!!
4/18/2014 (Fri)
Dandy House is supporting Japanese players in MLB this year again! Part2!
4/2/2014 (Wed)
Dandy House is supporting Japanese players in MLB this year again!
3/31/2014 (Mon)
CEO of Miss Paris Group, Akemi Shimomura as the First Female Chairperson of Economic Organization.
3/20/2014 (Thu)
Dandy House is Winning Beauty Spa for Three Years in Row!

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