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Face Slim by Dandy House
Slim Face technique defines your face line for a slim and defined face 
Pulling yourself and your skin togther, that's how men do it

Benefits of monitoring
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This is what's different about Dandy House!

Point 1 
A handsome face is determined by its contours!

Along with eyes, nose, and mouth, facial outline can have a significant effect on first impressions. Chin and cheeks without any unnecessary flab are important points in making your entire face seem defined and sharp. Please take a look in the mirror again. Are sagging cheeks, swollen face, or a double chin beginning to form? If you are concerned about any of these, please try Dandy House's original treatments.

Point 1

Point 2 
A unique and advanced massage

"Face slimming" is a technique which aims to bring you closer to normal skin function through various hand massages making full use of exquisite techniques. This provides improved lymph and blood circulation, burns excess fat, and discharges your body of any waste products. In addition, it firms your face by stimulating muscles and nerves.
You too, will be surprised at the skill of advanced massage aestheticians who will massage your entire upper body as well as your face.

Point 2

Point 3 
Slim face effect plus the fair skin effect

In addition to encouraging the flow of blood vessels and lymph nodes, allowing sufficient nutrition to be supplied to skin cells, through the effect on the dermis layer we aim to bring the functioning of the sweat glands and sebaceous glands closer to a normal state.
This total action restores the intrinsic function of the skin.

Point 3

Effectiveness proven

Achieving a state of body that can be maintained through regular treatments is important. Images below were measured by 3D digitizer.
Blue area is the reduced part, and the red area is the increased part.

Mady by NEC Engineering  
Check out the test results of the 3D digitizer Danae100SP
You can see the changes from week 0 to week 12

※ Individual results may vary.

Monitoring results! 
Improved skin elasticity!

The average of the results from nine subjects.
Skin has become soft by week 12.

Skin elasticity

※ Individual results may vary.

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Benefits of monitoring

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When you think about all the time you spend shaving your beard, isn't hair removal worth a try?Get back the body of your 20's!
This is the body you always wanted!

Monitor requirements

  • You have to really want to lose weight (Diet / Tightening Course)
  • You have to be strong and healthy (Diet / Tightening Course)
  • You have to be older than 20 years and younger than 60 years of age at the time of the application
  • You have to be a first time visitor of Dandy House
  • We may use your results for advertising purposes.

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