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Benefits of monitoring
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Facial Hair Removal Course
Free from everyday shaving, clean and refreshed skin!
Chest & Stomach Hair Removal Course
For those who are troubled by chest hair visible from tank tops and V-neck shirts, and dark hair on the stomach!
Arm Hair Removal Course
Reduce the amount of hair on your arms and the back of your hands visible from under your suit or clothes for a refreshed look!
Leg Hair Removal Course
Concerned about your legs (thighs, top of the foot, toes)? You can get rid of that unwanted hair!

Our recommendation

For those who are bothered by razor burn or shaving your beard every day
Dandy House facial hair removal can handle the preferences of each individual, whether for removing all facial hair, removing pointless hair on the cheeks and neck, thinning hair out, or otherwise. It will reduce the burden of shaving every day. It is also recommended for those with sensitive skin.
For those who want to design their beard
You can shape your beard as you like with our design hair removal service.
For example, leave some hair only under the nose or around the jaw, arrange and design a beard to your liking. Enjoy being fashionable with a cool beard.
For those who have problems with unwanted body or facial hair
Not just limited to facial hair, but unwanted leg, arm, chest and back hair can also be removed or thinned out to a natural finish according to your preferences.
We deal with the trouble of unwanted hair all over the body.
For those who aren't satisfied with the results of laser hair removal or intense pulsed light hair removal treatments
With Dandy House's electrolysis, we remove the unwanted hairs that laser hair removal or light hair removal miss, one by one. You can expect lovely smooth skin at the end.

The certain results of Dandy House!

The certain results of Dandy House!

Testimony from our customers

Mr. M.S. (in his 30s)
Up until now, shaving in the morning had been really painful for me. I never quite felt clean after shaving because no matter how much I shaved, there was always some hair left or it would even grow back by the afternoon. However, after receiving facial hair removal treatment, I never had to go through such a hassle again, and people around me complemented my new look saying "you look young again!"
Mr. S.Y (in his 20s)
Although laser hair removal was not able to remove facial hair leaving only the hair on the jaw line, Dandy House was able to do it with its one-by-one hair removal system. I like it very much.
Mr. N.W. (in his 30s)
Before coming to Dandy House, I did not like to look at myself in the mirror because of my thick beard, but now, I'm so excited about my thinning beard! Shaving has become so much easier! You can definitely see the result.
Mr. K.I. (in his 20s)
Dandy House's hair removal technology is great! You can see the result yourself, and after-care service is great. I highly recommend it.
Mr. M.M. (in his 40s)
Although I was really troubled by my thick beard, I was not so sure about hair removal's effectiveness at first. However, I've witnessed the effectiveness of hair removal - I don't see any hair growth - and I believe in its effectiveness 200%.
Mr. Y.K. (in his 20s)
I went from worrying about my looks to feeling clean and confident, so now I don't feel uneasy in front of the mirror or other people. I recommend it to anyone who is self-conscious, since it leads to self-confidence!

※ Individual results may vary.

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Benefits of monitoring

Try Men's Hair Removal Sign up here

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Monitor requirements

  • You have to be older than 20 years and younger than 60 years of age at the time of the application
  • You have to be a first time visitor of Dandy House
  • We may use your results for advertising purposes.

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