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Only for persons getting married in 2013 Men's wedding course

10x Special course, tightening your body and face until your wedding day

Get a tight body fit for a tuxedo with Dandy House Wedding! Polish up your whole body the day before so that you look perfect for the ceremony and pictures!

Step1:Triple Burn Slimming Method
First, a body check to confirm your diet schedule up until the ceremony.
Flushes out accumulated waste products to lead to a physique with a good metabolism.
Step2:Triple Burn Slimming Method
Uses a special device to warm and break up hardened fat which makes it easier to burn.
Step3:Slim Face
Improves the circulation of blood and lymph from the pit up your stomach to your face, an original hand massage to stimulate nerves and muscles. Leads to a tightened face with no swelling.
Step4:Fat Burn  Million Wave  Dorsal Massage
A strong rubbing massage of the coagulated muscles and stubborn fatty areas of the upper body, which leads to a change in fat burning and muscle use.
Step5:Triple Burn Slimming Method
A detailed check midway through the progress. We make put in even more effort to achieve a reduction in weight and body fat which creates a difference you can see.
Step6:Triple Burn Slimming Method
A patented device that steadily burns fat
Step7:Fat Burn  Million Wave  Dorsal Massage
Distinctly tightens the back, abdomen, chest and arms to create the ideal "inverted triangle" body type.
Step8:Triple Burn Slimming Method
While putting the functions of the internal organs in order, proper aerobic exercise.
Step9:Triple Burn Slimming Method
The final shape up before the ceremony! Tighten the body all in one sweep!
Step10:Slim Face
Cleanly shapes the whole face by massaging excess flab.

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